An Overview of Government Contracting


Small businesses tend to fear federal government contracting as it poses a complex environment to them.  High risks will be placed on the financial prosperity of small businesses if they do not seek expert assistance in this field. In the end the risk will be worth the rewards.  The government does business with very few companies in the U.S.  The new opportunities available for bidding by private business for government contracting was worth 1 billion. Food services, janitorial services and the development of complex space flight systems were the services for bidding.  Winning tenders and award of many contracts to companies is done on a daily basis . The multi- billion dollar marketplace that is government contracting should be invested in by small businesses.

 Two means of procuring products and services with values of over 25,000 dollars per year are used by governments.  The two means are Invitation for bids (IFB’s) and request for proposal (RFP’s).  For the IFB it is a procurement advertisement that will be awarded to the lowest priced bidder.  There are certain IFB standards that should be met by IFB standards. On the other hand, the RFP will require a full scope of work that is, the how the project will be done, time and by whom.  Moreover the main people assigned the project and the qualifications of the company are needed.

Washington Civil Practice keeps changing how the government processes contracts. President Bill Clinton targeted two major areas which were keeping low deficits and long term investment in economic growth, fighting crime and the children and workers skills.   New trends have come up that affects the small business sector over the recent years.  The first trend is the procurement reform.  To ensure cost efficiency and effectiveness of the governments operations, the reform entailed streamlining of the procurement process.  Outsourcing support services and purchasing IT systems to increase the ability of the federal force to be productive and effective is what the national performance review (NPR) entailed.

The initiatives to be implemented in the health care reforms are imaging, data entry technologies, multimedia, ID cards and business process re- engineering.  In government contracting, small business will now be able to have a share in the contracts.  The proposal quality involves the quality of the proposal and the work that the Washington General Practice Attorney will do.  You should get involved in government contracting as soon as now.  Businesses that started with small contracts are now getting big contracts. Long term contracts that are awarded to businesses through government contracting enables them make big profit margins during the operations.


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